Health Product Failures Infographic

Between the obesity epidemic and the media pushing unrealistic expectations of what it means to be attractive, people are more insecure and image-conscious than ever. This makes us all more vulnerable to anything that may offer a quick fix for a problem that usually requires commitment and hard work, weight loss.

There has been no shortage of plans, products or diets claiming to be the solve-all for our health problems. Many these businesses are more interested in carving out a chunk of the 20 billion dollar weight loss industry than they are in helping people to live healthier lives. What’s worse is that several of the products that made it to store shelves haveended in negative progress and sometimes even caused serious healthissues for the people using them.

Below you’ll find information about the industry and how many people have actually been pulled into it under false pretenses. You’ll also see some of the most current and biggest offenders and hopefully walk away more prepared to avoid them in the future.

As Thomas Edison said, “There’s no substitute for hard work.” We’ll also add that there’s nothing more rewarding.

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