From Couch to 5K Infographic

In general, people spend more time sitting than we ever have. This sedentary lifestyle has resulted from advances in convenient technology and from the rise of more jobs that require more focus and knowledge and less physical work. While the work we’re doing is less demanding, we still tend to feel drained by the end of the day, making the couch more appealing than ever. Many people fall into the viscous cycle without ever realizing it and very few people realize how it’s impacting their overall health.

Did you know that sitting for more than 6 hours a day increase your risk for heart disease by 64%? That’s no joking matter. We recently discovered a program that’s helping people break out of the nasty, sedentary cycle and adopt healthier habits. It’s called the Couch To 5k program and instead of pushing extreme diets or fitness regimens on its users, it helps them take gradual steps towards a healthier lifestyle, much like what we’re trying to do.

We’ve put together all the best information about the program and laid it out in a nice visual format for you below. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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