11 Simple Ways to Boost Your Daily Activity

Simple ways to increase actvityStaying active can be a challenge, but by incorporating physical activity into your daily life, you can make it a part of your regular routine. Stop thinking of exercise as something you have to schedule out days in advance to boost your activity. Keep it simple with these 11 ideas to increase daily activity instead.

Park in the Farthest Spot

Whether you’re at work or at the mall, park in the farthest spot in the parking lot to squeeze in a little extra walking time. If the building you enter has stairs, opt for those instead of the elevator or escalator for another quick activity boost.

Run Quick Errands by Bike

If you just need to pick up some bread at the corner store or drop off a small package at the post office, make it a habit to go by bike instead of car. You’ll save time you would have spent looking for parking and you’ll get the benefits of extra exercise. Installing a small basket on your bike makes it easy to transport items.

Schedule Play Time

Pencil in some time every few days to engage in active outdoor play with your kids or your dog. If you don’t have any kids or pets, borrow some for an afternoon and make a friend or family member eternally grateful.

Maximize Your Commute

If you travel to work by bus or subway, get off one stop earlier than normal and walk the rest of the way. When it’s time to go home, walk to the next stop before boarding instead of boarding at the closest stop to your workplace. If you currently use a car, research public transportation options in your area to see if one is feasible for you.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Household chores can burn calories and improve your fitness, so don’t put off washing the dishes, vacuuming, mopping the floor or raking leaves outside. Make it part of your daily or weekly routine.

Yard Care & Gardening

Spend an afternoon in the garden pruning plants and flowers or creating a peaceful environment by adding new hanging plants & flowers. If you have a lawn, try mowing your lawn with a push lawnmower instead of hiring others to care for yard.

Washing Your Vehicle

If you regularly take your vehicle to a car wash, try getting outside to wash the car yourself. It’s a great way to break up your routine and you might save some money too.

Time Yourself

Every time you sit down at your desk, set a timer for 30 minutes. When the buzzer goes off, get up and walk around the office for a few minutes or take a quick jaunt up and down one flight of stairs before returning to work.

Take Up a Social Sport

Whether it’s joining the company softball league or signing up for a local fun run with a few friends, taking up a sport is a quick and fun way to get exercise while also building social ties.

Make Exercise Part of Your Morning Routine

Wake up 10 minutes earlier and add a short and simple exercise session to your regular morning routine. Fit it in between brushing your teeth and your morning shower, or make it the first thing you do before preparing a healthy breakfast.

Multitask During Commercials

When you’re catching up on the latest hit show or watching the evening news, don’t skip over the commercials. Instead, use those breaks to do a few pushups, lunges or jumping jacks and turn couch potato time into crunch time.

Track Your Progress

Setting daily activity goals and tracking your progress with the Fitbug Orb + KiK digital coach helps you stay motivated, so you’re more likely to succeed in your fitness goals.